Fire Him, America.

Many of those who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 did so because he was a “successful businessman”, and because they felt it would be good to have somebody in the White House who would “run America like a business”.

Let’s put that sucker to the test.

Say you hired Donald Trump as general manager of your business four years ago. During those four years, he:

— Alienated other companies with whom your company had good relationships.

— Was presented with credible evidence of corporate espionage within your company, and did nothing about it. He even denied it was happening.

— Made foolish and impulsive decisions that cost the company money and sank it further into debt.

— Hired department heads on the basis of their competence, and then suddenly declared them incompetent when they fell out of favour with him for refusing to cater to his worst impulses.

— Refused to implement the necessary steps to deal with a computer virus which infected the company’s network and brought it to its knees. He insisted that the IT department were against him and were trying to make him look bad. Oh, but he did block emails from China, and declared that a victory.

— Promoted division of the company staff into two warring factions who now have daily shouting matches in the cafeteria. (Oh yes, and one of those warring factions was just caught trying to kidnap one of the department heads he doesn’t like. And he seems okay with that.)

And, he:

— Thinks all of this makes him look tough, decisive, and competent.

But yeah, while he was general manager, your company’s stock price happened to go up.

You tell me: would you keep that guy on? Of course you wouldn’t. You would fire him.

Fire him, America.

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